• About the Bermuda Chamber of Commerce

  • Founded in 1906, the Bermuda Chamber of Commerce is the Island’s oldest and largest trade organization,

    comprising some 500 members, representing virtually every industry sector.


    With a clear focus on advocacy, networking, communication and lobbying, the Chamber stands as a singular voice for commerce

    in the community. Organized by divisions, our members seek to address issues of mutual interest by market sector.


    The Bermuda Chamber of Commerce is a member of the International Chamber of Commerce, www.worldchambersfederation.org 

    and the American Chamber of Commerce Executives, www.acce.org.


  • Our Mission

    To represent the collective commercial interests of our members

    To provide networking opportunities within the business community

    To act as a conduit between private and public sectors

    To create awareness and facilitate training

    To create community

    To be visionary, not protectionist

    To achieve the highest standards of excellence, diversity and ethics

  • Our Vision

    To cultivate the best environment in which ALL businesses can prosper


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