• Government: There is a Parliamentary system with an Upper and Lower House and elections held every four to five years. Bermuda is a British Overseas Territory in the North Atlantic Ocean permanently settled in 1612 as a result of a shipwreck of Virginia bound settlers in 1609. Wikipedia

    Capital: The City of Hamilton is centrally located and the island’s business and retail centre. UNESCO World Heritage Site: The Town of St. George is the oldest continually inhabited English speaking settlement in the western hemisphere and boasts architecture and fortifications dating from the last four centuries. 

    Currency: The Bermuda dollar is on par with the US dollar.


    Business in Bermuda

  • Companies

  • Bermuda's business community consists of 16,329 companies consisting of:

    Local Companies = 3383

    International Companies:

    Exempted = 11,231

    Exempted Partnership = 1,098

    Non Resident = 609

    Non Resident Insurance = 8

  • Tourism

  • Cruise Ship Visitor Arrivals - 418,000 

    Air Visitor Arrivals - 269,600

    Total Arrivals - 687,600
    *Based on available data February 2019

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  • General Information General Information

    Dialing code: 441

    Population: 64,700 (2011) World Bank 

    Official language: English Language

    Size: Bermuda is 22 square miles, 21 miles long and 2 miles wide at widest point. You are never more than five minutes away from the ocean.

    Time: EST +1, GMT -4

    Health: The King Edward VII Memorial Hospital is located near Hamilton and the Lambe-Foggo Clinic serves the east end. The hospital is government run and a member of the American Hospital Association.The emergency number is 911

    Weather: Sub-tropical with temperatures ranging from 85F in July to 65F in January. There is no rainy season.

    Communications: There is a well-developed communications infrastructure with internet, wireless, mobile services on offer. Phone cards are available throughout the island. 

    Religion: Anglican is the predominant religion, followed by Catholic, African Methodist Episcopalian and then a range of diverse churches.

    Transportation: The public transportation system of buses and ferries is reliable with tokens tickets and passes available at the bus and ferry terminals. 

    Banks: There are four banks plus ATMs throughout island which dispense Bermuda dollars.

    Public Holidays: There are Nine public holidays per year, including Christmas and Boxing Day (the day after Christmas.)

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