• Five Great Reasons to Join the Chamber


  • 1. Networking

    The Chamber hosts a number of key events each year, providing members with the opportunity to meet and mingle with their peers, government officials and business leaders.

    2. Advocacy

    Working collectively, or through our industry-led divisions, members are empowered to positively affect policy reform and change.

    3. Branding

    Leveraging off of our extensive network, Chamber members are actively encouraged to take advantage of a number of complimentary or otherwise competitively priced sales & marketing opportunities.

    4. Thought Leadership

    The Chamber provides members with timely information on issues impacting commerce in Bermuda.

    5. Community & Credibility

    Chamber membership sends a strong message to your peers, suppliers and other of spheres of influence, that you are both credible and a solid member of your community.

  • Ancillary Opportunities

  • Access to members

    The Chamber’s website features a ‘member’s only section’ where you can access policy documents, research and economic reports not otherwise available.

    Members may also advertise and promote activities at either greatly discounted rates or in many instances free, through the Insider, our weekly newsletter. Our website also offers members the opportunity to market their products and services directly through the Chamber.


    Boardroom Rental

    The Chamber’s Board Room is available for rent at preferred member rates, seven days a week. So whether you need meeting space during or after hours, or you are representing a charity looking for a central Hamilton location, our Boardroom may be just what you are looking for.


    Member Mix & Mingles

    This is a brand new Chamber initiative; each month (except August and December) the Chamber will showcase a different business, and invite the membership to join them on location for an evening reception.

    The monthly events allow members the opportunity to meet on a more regular basis to share news and discuss matters of mutual interest. It is also an excellent way to profile new members.

    The events also give the host unprecedented access to the broader membership and affords them the opportunity to market their products and services directly to their fellow Chamber members.



    The Chamber, in association with members, is now in the process of introducing a new annual Professional Development Training Schedule which will offer a wide range of training opportunities, many at no or little cost to our membership.


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  • Membership rates depend on the number of Full-Time Employees (FTE):

    • $230 / 1-3 FTE
    • $580 / 4-10 FTE
    • $1,155 / 11-50 FTE
    • $2,890 / 51-100 FTE
    • $5,800 / 101-200 FTE
    • $8,690 / 201-500 FTE
    • $11,575 / 501+ FTE